In the global economy, the information age today, we ushered in a world full of opportunities and challenges. "Fengyuan people" will be tolerant to diversity-minded, indomitable courage committed to the reform and innovation of enterprises.
  Market changes, the mall choppy. We experienced hardships, such as ice cover step by step trek. Practice has proved that only insight into market opportunities, timely strain, and constantly challenge themselves, beyond the self, in order to capture the market and win customers, has made remarkable achievements.
  Shopping horizon, Ebb Tide. "Fengyuan person" more than ten years of fighting, pronto, we rise, continue to grow: from a single product development today more variety, more specifications, many series. Fengyuan utmost success and glory thanks to the support of the community and "Fengyuan person" indomitable fighting.
  No other side of the sea, the development indefinitely. In revitalizing the northeast old industrial base and strong development of coastal industrial base, driven by the spirit of "unity and harmony, hard climb," the spirit of enterprise; sincerely cooperate with colleagues and the community go hand in hand, the total development, create brilliant.