Yingkou Fengyuan Metallurgical profiles Ltd. was established in April 2004. Enterprises are now addressing the old side of the street at the old border Yingkou City on the 16th, is located in Camp Highway Road South. Shenyang-Dalian highway 4.5 km east, 12 km Harbin-Dalian railway, 6.1 km away from the high-speed rail Yingkou East Railway Station. West Yingkou Liaohe old port city and 10 km. Southbound 65 km is Yiduntaigang --- Bayuquan seasons navigable. As five important node in Liaoning economic belt line. Medium-sized enterprises dotted company four weeks, and complete. Roads, railways, high-speed railway, highway, port transportation accessible, convenient, smooth, logistics and transportation is very convenient.
  Miles of existing two production plants, three kilometers away from the plant, the plant covers an area of about 50,000 square meters, construction area of 18,000 square meters (of which approximately 13,000 square meters of production building).
  Km main product series for five series ordinary flat, convex flat steel series, T, L-shaped flat steel series, square steel hexagonal series, square plate series. Product sales northeastern provinces annual 30,000 tons.
  The company currently employs more than 300 people, including engineering and technical personnel with senior titles in more than 20 people, engaged in rolling production technology backbone than 50 people. In recent years, respectively, from the rolling of large domestic metallurgical enterprises brought together a group of industry elite. Laid the foundation for the enterprise to accelerate the development of talent.
  The company has production, sales, technology, quality, safety, equipment, finance, supply and improve the organization. Through the ISO quality system certification and safety, occupational health system evaluation certification.
  The company is existing Φ550 * 1, Φ500 * 2, Φ450 * 1 medium-sized steel rolling production line course. Φ350 * 3, Φ250 * 1 rolling production line, Φ300 * 3 steel rolling production line, a total of three steel rolling production lines with annual production capacity of up to one hundred thousand tons.
  Billet heating using Φ2600mm two-stage gas furnace, basic control of sulfur dioxide emissions to the lowest point. By electrical capture the recovery, recycling and closing with the vast majority of coal tar. Cyclone, circulating water purification treatment facilities, basically no dust and sewage discharges.
  Factory production workshop each ton bridge crane installation 20/5 8, single girder crane 4. Installation of 20 tons of raw materials venues single girder gantry crane three cars.
  According to various specifications of steel quality requirements, in finishing process Φ550mm, Φ350mm two steel straightening machine to meet the rolling process needs to ensure that the beam quality reach the national standard.
  Plate Shear shop installed multiple shears, punching machines and CNC flame cutting machine can cut according to user requirements, stamping, cutting a variety of plates and shaped panels. Provide quality and convenient for coal, construction equipment, steel enterprise products and services.
  Machine repair workshop has 6 meters Planer, multiple roll lathes, lathes, milling machines, slotting machines, radial drilling machine, shaper so on more than 20 sets of machining equipment, to ensure the company is ability to manufacture than the maintenance of production equipment, but also can foreign contract machining business.
  The company has a quality inspection center, five elements can be carried out laboratory analysis of steel, steel tensile test, cold test, with the steel chemical composition and physical properties of the production process and timely detection. To ensure the stability of product quality and user acceptance for corporate quality assurance.
  Metallurgical profiles Ltd. Yingkou Fengyuan Zhang bridge under the leadership of chairman, good governance, innovation, pursuit of excellence, dedication to the community. After a decade of steady development and construction companies from small to large scale, production equipment constantly updated, the product structure adjustment and economic benefits continue to scale new heights.